Courses in Digital Advertising

The Digital Advertising Certificate Program offers four courses that are designed to enhance the skills and technical abilities of college graduates. Each course lasts five weeks. Students can choose to take individual courses or choose any four courses to earn a certificate. These courses are not-for-credit. Each course is $495 with no application or additional fees.



Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an important part of a company’s marketing plan and identity. You will learn the strategy around developing and deploying social media marketing for a business, and how to convert fans to customers and measure success. Topics include social etiquette, organization and operation of social media strategies, and the historical lead-up to this new industry.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become a fundamental part of the marketing mix. You will gain an understanding of the principles of search, developing a data-driven search strategy, and integrating search into your marketing mix.



Intro to Web Design and Development

In this course you will learn how to design a beautiful and functional website using HTML and CSS. Additionally, the course provides concepts such as typography, imagery, grid layouts, and color theories. Students do not need to have a previous technical background with HTML or CSS prior to taking this course.


Digital Analytics and Reporting

How do traditional, internet and mobile advertising differ in their ability to track and analyze responses? What key measurement metrics are used by each form of media? What analytic tools are used? What is the impact of social media and electronic word–of– mouth marketing, and how can these be measured? Students will learn key digital measurement terms and methods of analysis.

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