Certificate in Strategic Communication and Cross Cultural Leadership

The Certificate in Strategic Communication and Cross Cultural Leadership prepares students for leadership roles by focusing on theory and practice to develop leadership and strategic communication skills. Courses are for-credit and can lead to admittance to a master’s program in SMC without taking the GRE.



5001: Communicating Organizational Leadership

This course provides a foundation in the three major communications: organizational, managerial, and leadership.  The primary focus is to evoke leadership by understanding what it is, along with your own personal style.  You will build effective communication strategies for leading and working well with people in a variety of organizations, styles and contexts.


5004: Cross-cultural Leadership

Communicating across cultures brings with it both benefits and challenges.  This course focuses on theories and practices of effectively leading people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  The combinations of differing views and backgrounds have the potential to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and innovation.



5002: Leadership in Crisis and Conflict Management

Crises and conflicts arise as large and small, organizational and interpersonal.  In this course, they are examined with attention to how culture may influence people’s understanding of these events. It also teaches how to tailor the strategy and management of crises and conflicts effectively.


5003: Leading Diverse Teams

With an increasingly diverse and global workplace, leadership requires more effective communication strategies.  Different cultural and ethnic backgrounds shape people’s styles and interpretations and this course focuses on how to work with people to build teams that capitalize on the differing perspectives that people bring to a team.


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